The Track

I try hard to find things to amuse me here at NKC and in such confined quarters it’s made difficult at best.  The lure of the track keeps my sense of well being and is as close as I can bring myself to relating to the spacious Green Mountain State I so long for…as you can tell from the photo I really have to use my imagination!  If you look close you can see people walking the track.  And over the green fencing is the back drop of Kabul City.

The lure of the track

The lure of the track

5 thoughts on “The Track

  1. joe

    HI chistie with a little imagination i am looking at fenway park in boston i believe that is the green monster in left field. Just imagine how u could turn all that brown space into a gi ant garden.I am sure we could send u some grass seed 🙂 be safe, joe

  2. Jackie Harris

    Thank you for keeping us updated on your stay. I must say that I would have to really use my imagination to make that track look like the one at the High School with the beautiful mountains in the background however the earth still feels the same and it is the same sky too. If there is anyone who can make that track into the one at home, it would be you!

    I’m glad to see that you are still safe and doing relatively well. We miss you over here and look forward to your safe return.

    p.s. – Andy has made his decision about his future….he will be joining the Navy as soon as he takes the test and makes the trip to Boston to be processed. It looks like sometime around the middle or end of the summer and he will leave to begin this next part of his life. Proud Mama!

  3. Steev

    Hi Christie-
    I’ve been reading about the “Big Retrograde” and the nightmare of shipping so much hardware out of Aghanistan through Pakistan and Uzbekistan. We all saw that charter 747 full of military vehicles fall down at Baghram. How much time do you have left there? I look forward to your views on what’s likely to happen after the US withdrawal. None of the possibilities sound good from here. I hope you get enough activity there. I’m on crutches and/or in a rigid boot for 6 months due to a ripped ligament.
    Stay safe, keep your fotos and updates coming.

  4. Steve Abate


    Thanks for keeping us updated. You and all of my brothers and sisters in uniform are always in my prayers!


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