Thanksgiving Read:
My deployment has helped put focus on what’s important in my life and it’s all there today in RI, in one room, around one table (with Greg, Rachel and Grossi at our satellite locations). I don’t mean to pull a Mom (okay not entirely true), but it’s all about family and good friends are the icing on the cake. Today I will eat in the dinning facility where staff has worked hard to decorated toward every tedious detail of Thanksgiving, and same holds true for cooking the meal. It will look nice towards the occasion and taste good too! But where’s the family, kinda like “where’s the beef?” Sorry, marking my age on that one. I go to the table alone, no familiar cars parked in the driveway, no hugs at the door, no holding hands in our family circle of prayer around the table before digging in, no hot tub, no laughter, no exchange of smiles, no games, no sitting outside under the stars singing campfire songs, no snuggling half asleep full and content on the couch watching a movie ( football game (s) more likely), and most importantly no family. After saying all that, I must confess, I feel so very blessed and will go so far as to contribute this to be the best Thanksgiving of my life. How can this be, you ask? Ah, well it’s actually a simple explanation. I’ve been fortunate to know that each of you sitting around this table today, holding hands, offering prayer and thanks for being drawn together as a family, is repetitive of what I have experienced every year of my life! Not many people can say that. When you think it can’t get any better than that, it does….being six thousand miles away wearing my uniform for our country has only deepened what my family means to me. Now how blessed is that!
In prayer: Today I get to shine over you, as if I were the voice from heaven speaking for our loved ones that can no longer be at our table, but are in our hearts. Please bless and watch over my family, whom I love and thank you every day for giving me each and every one of them. I can’t physical join them today, but with a happy heart share with them an even deeper meaning of family and Thanksgiving from Kuwait. I will be home soon and look forward to collecting my hugs. A special thank you for bringing me Cooper, Logan and Godfrey and help them be patient upon my return, as I know this deployment has not be easy on them. I miss and love them very much. Please warn them I will expect to give and get more frequent hugs! Have a nice Thanksgiving day and know how happy it makes me feel you share it together steeped in Turner family tradition.
Mom, Christie and Auntie

Just as I hoped and knew, Donna and Scott set the tone for such a wonderful day. Everything was full flavor of fun and love, giving way to good spirits, laughter, and sanctuary to family connection. That was the best and most valuable gift and resembles in perfect form “family”. From Kuwait I felt I was there and will warmly and light heartily look upon that day to help me through the duration of my deployment. To my family, Thank you very much.

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  1. Dede Cummings

    What a wonderful post, Christie! I was lucky to walk in the woods here with my oldest son, Sam, today—your post made me appreciate family even more, and I am thankful for that! Lots of love, and stay safe—we will see you in the new year!


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