Just like home….sort of.

My first day off since being here and I can pretend I’m home.  Really, it doesn’t get any better than this…relaxation siping on my Green Mountain coffee and reading the Brattleboro Reformer.  Cheryl, thank you for the coffee and Cor the paper.  A salute to my coffee buddy back home, Debbie Rancourt.  If anyone goes to Bruegger’s please say hello to Dan and his staff for me.  Happy Easter everyone!

P.S.  Please email me when you can.

11 thoughts on “Relaxation

  1. Jackie Harris

    Hello Christie and Happy Easter! I’m glad to hear that you have the day off and that you can find some comfort in the normal day to day things like reading a paper with a cup of coffee.

    Not much is new here except that we have moved onto a different sport – Lacrosse – and soon it will be busy again. The weather is starting, ever so slowly, to get a bit nicer so it looks like your business and my free time will start picking up with planting and cleaning up after this very long winter. I was wondering if it is as cold over there as it is here and if the summers are the same or hotter? I am guessing it will be hotter so let me know if there is anything from back here that would help keep you comfortable. Is your address listed? I should have checked before writing that!

    Please keep the pictures and emails coming as I really look forward to seeing your first hand experience over there and enjoy your stories.

    Take care and God bless.


  2. Tim Coon

    I hope you are well on this sunny Easter morning back here in CT. I am enjoying your blog posts. It looks a bit different from our last sojourn in Germany. I did just see a pic from COL D’s last hurrah…he was in the Guiness brewery in Dublin. He took a tour as the Shannon Airport Liaison until he reaches his MRD. Nice!
    What are you doing there in KBC? Anything in particular you’d like in a CARE package?
    I am still looking for an O6 slot…some hope that I’ll have the EUCOM OIC slot, but can’t count on it so I’m applying for some slots in the DC/VA/MD area.
    Practice that eye contact stuff and be safe.
    Talk to you soon.

    Tim Coon

    1. Scott Turner


      What we take for grant it in our everday lives; a relaxing cup of coffee and reading the paper. Donna and I refer to them as Globe Sundays. That is the Boston Globe, as you well know. Glad to hear you have a day off and Happy Easter to you. Are they serving a special meal today for the troops?

      No big news to report post the Turner ski weekend. We did order some new window blinds for the cottage porch to help protect the bamboo floor from the rains so pour new install from last year isn’t for not. And, looking to remove that Maple off our deck with Aunt Doris’s permission. G-Man is all over it and it appears that will be on our action agenda for the opening weekend May 17th. As with the ski weekend, it won’t be the same without you at our annual opening. Who is going to help me with landscaping of the postage stamp lot? Or those 5 trips to Huot’s? Sorry – had to throw that in.

      You enjoy your day off as much as you can in that micro mini condo of yours. Be safe, continue to make good decisions and we love YOU!


  3. Cheryl Turner

    So glad you are enjoying your day off:) I am delighted those two items coffee & paper can mean so much on your relaxing day off. I am so happy to be part of your day. I look forward to your blog entries. It is wonderful to get an insight on your Journey in Kubual!
    You are deep in my thoughts everyday 🙂 stay strong & safe. Happy Easter to you.
    All my love & positive thoughts

  4. Sherryl

    Good morning Christie,
    Glad you have a day to relax and feel like you are at home. The weather is finally improving here and I took my first walk outside. It felt good to get out of the weight room and breath some fresh air. Eric’s wedding is a month away and I am starting to get a little anxious. It’s exciting but a little nerve wracking. (spellling?). Your kids seem to be doing well at school. I see Logan much more than Cooper.
    How would I send you things, address? Which email should I use to send pictures or articles?
    My son Alex came home and got his wedding haircut. A little early but his hair was out of control and something had to be done. He such a good kid, he let me decide the length. Hopefully it doesn’t grow out too much in a month. At least he won’t look like Einstein anymore.
    Have a good day, hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Jack Campbell

    Christie, I am so glad you’v had a chance to catch your breath. I think about you everyday and hope that you continue to do well. I hope it is OK that I share your blog with the rest of the J4 section. I know they will enjoy it, and I hope you will continue to update it. I think your particular insights and perspectives are fascinating. I continue to miss my Battle Buddy at every training assembly. Scott Sargent is doing good, but I had grown accustomed to your pre-emptive kicks to the ankle that would stop, or at least delay me from saying something that pissed people off. At home it’s Hockey, Dance, and School. Until recently we had no idea about this huge world of Mite and Squirt elite hockey teams, and endless tryouts, and that 8 year olds would actually have to sign a contract. Please let me know if there is anything specific you need in a care a package and we’ll get it shipped. Take care!

  6. Renee

    Hey Christie.

    Coffee and a paper must feel as close to normal as you can feel. Viper hockey season ended saturday. They are preparing for their tournament at the end of the month. Lisa and I adopted a dog. We are completely out numbered now with the 2 cats, 1 dog, and 1 7-year old!. Whetstone has some new beers on tap and I will keep track of the ones i think you’d like.

    Miss you and stay safe!

  7. Michaela Harlow

    Happy (Belated) Easter, Christie! Coffee from home? Oh, happy day. I’m glad you got some much needed R&R, and a moment to catch up on the local news. We love you, and think of you every day! xo Shella

  8. Jay Sullivan

    LTC Turner,

    I am so glad to see that you are settling in and getting to know your environment. I was thinking of you on Easter and hoping that you were having a good day. LTC Campbell sent out this blog today and I was happy to be able to read it. Jeoff Hall and I spent 3 Easters in a row together away from our families. Its no fun to be away from your family, but it was nice for me to be able to spend the time with my Army brother Jeoff. It sounds like you are extending your own army family!

    Have as much fun and interesting experiences as you can safely have.


  9. Courteney Cookson

    Good Afternoon Christie!

    Thank you so much for your email, we miss you too!
    We hope all is well with you overseas and await your return and smile in the lobby!
    I ask about you frequently to stacey and she always assures me your well.

    Best wishes,

    Courteney, and all the ladies at the bank!

  10. Alice

    It looks like we need to send you a travel mug. It is simply shocking that the military does not provide this basic tool of survival in this day and age, especially given that travel is part of your job.
    I was in SpellCheck last night with two Green Street parents. We made it out of the preliminary round into the semi-finals, which was an improvement over last year. Examples: we correctly spelled the word “hersine” (relating to geese), but missed “ophiophagous” (feeding on snakes) and “lissotrichy” (having the characteristic of straight hair). Koffeeklatsch did not come up.
    Next up: I’m heading to Montpelier on Wed. with two of my students (and their parents) as they won awards in the state foreign language essay contest.


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