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American and Afghanistan flag in our courtyard at NKC

American and Afghanistan flag in our courtyard at NKC









Flag detail Afghanistan

Volunteered to lower the colors NKC, Afghanistan


My office is moving back to Kuwait and I can’t tell you what a relief that will be to leave Afghanistan. It’s my birthday and it’s the best news to celebrate and be happy about.  We had three situations that happened in Kabul city and other Afghan bombings….you can find details on news site. I really like what I do in Afghanistan, but right now tension are high with the insurgents and I need say I won’t miss that part of my job.

Some of you may remember a story told months ago about briefing General Stein on my mission to manage logistics in theater pertaining to specific  interests of his.  The meeting ended well,  winning his  approval, along with acolytes for my Colonel.  The General wanted us to stay in Afghanistan and continue to manage and watch over his interests. That being said, colleague’s lightheartedly called me a “rock star” for having a successful brief, and they not having to speak a word.  Staying in Afghanistan is real important for Active Duty Officers and my Colonel, specifically speaking, it enhances their careers. It was a victory for the home town team and more importantly, me as a Reservists.  This situation recently changed, we leave Afghanistan and will be stationed in Kuwait.  The explanation for this change is simple; We weren’t dropping our numbers in Afghanistan quick enough to get to 34K by Feb 2014 as outlined last January by the Commander and Chief.  Some difficult decision had to be made by the Generals, a 3 star got involved trumping a 2 Star.  The 3 star downsized our  Force Management numbers and is pushing us back to Kuwait.  ARCENT, whom I’ve been working for, owns kuwait and is we’re the ARCENT staff is located.  I will join 1,200 ARCENT people in Kuwait..  In Afghanistan there were only a handful of us ARCENT folks working here and I was one of them.  Starting next week, I will be doing the same job as I was doing just from a different country.

Not sure how this will read grammatically but it’s 2AM…must go to sleep.

I will have a New Mailing Address and will post as soon as I know.  It will be Arifjan, Kuwait…known to us here in Afghanistan as Camp Cupcake.  The only shortfall to moving to Kuwait is temperatures are pathetically HOT. That being said, Happy, Happy, very happy  About leaving.

8 thoughts on “Moving to Kuwait

  1. Jackie Harris

    So glad that you will be moving to Kuwait and that you will be more comfortable there. I hope that you will remain there for the rest of your stay (or maybe be granted an early return to the U.S.). Great to hear from you and to know that you are in better spirits. Sounds like you are making a great impression with your superiors and peers. You rock – “rock star”! Please keep the posts coming.

    Take care and stay safe,


  2. Michaela Harlow

    This is the best news I have heard all week… Indeed the best news of the year. I am so happy to hear that you are moving to Kuwait. Yes, it will be hot. But I hope, no more breathing in smoke 24 hours, and I know, so much safer. Thank you for posting the news. Lifting a glass tonight in your honor.


  3. Sherryl Libardoni

    What a great birthday present. I got a part time job and thought you would find it interesting. I am mowing at the golf course. I started with the tees last week and will learn how to do the greens this week. I find it very peaceful. Just me, my mower and nature. I thought I would hate the 6 am starat but surprisingly it has been very relaxing. Good luck in your new digs. Both the football team and field hockey team won their openers yesterday.

    Take care,

  4. Debbie Gassaway-Hayward

    As one of the others commented on your post, your move to Kuwait is truly the best news I’ve heard all week. With compassion and a hug, Debbie

  5. Steve Abate

    Great news! Now you will have some EUCOM company with Finnegan, Cromartie et. al. Hope you get home sooner rather than later. Wife and I had a great time in Woodstock this past weekend.

    BE SAFE!!!!!

  6. Lizbo

    The Best Birthday Present Ever to you and to all who know and love you!!!! When are you actually leaving? Stay safe Christie. xoxo


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