Mother’s Day Shopping Extravaganza


Mother’s Day shopping at NKC (New Kabul Compound) is amazing! Come watch the video with me as I take you around to different venders… can see for yourself the shopping extravaganza! Ready?


7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Shopping Extravaganza

  1. Jackie Harris

    Hey Christie and Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for the beautiful tour of your shopping plaza. There were some very nice things to choose from. I hope you treated yourself to something real nice and sent the bill to Godfrey and the kids.

    Have a great day!


  2. Donna Turner

    WOW my girls would go crazy shopping there between the rugs scarves and bling! It was very teasing as I saw many gorgeous things but just a glimpse. I need to go back and pause to see more of the stuff. I’m glad you got to do something enjoyable for a bit today. Happy Mothers Day; you are one of the best mothers I know.

    LOVE Donna

  3. Cheryl Turner

    Happy mohers day to you Chrisite 🙂
    I enjoyed Touring the market with you. Was great to be apart of your day! Its nice to have a vision of your surrondings! What beautiful things! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Thank you for all that you do & be safe!


  4. Kim

    Happy Mother’s Day Christie! Thank you for sharing with us! I think of you often. Be safe. love, Kim

  5. Debbie Gassaway-Hayward

    Dear Christie,
    Great to hear from you. I think of you daily as I see the flowers on campus come alive. The tulips have been magnificent. Be well and miss you, Debbie

  6. Deb Rancourt

    So nice to hear your voice. I loved the tour, very nice stuff. I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day . Thinking about you all the time. Love you coffee buddy, Deb Rancourt

  7. Johanna

    Great view of the market…funny to think that you and Bahman are not that far (relatively speaking) from each other right now!

    Enjoyed seeing the things they sell, would love to see the jewelry and stones more closely…
    Thanks for showing us, makes me nervous though having all those guys so close…are they checked before they enter the compound? They must have huge security, right?

    HUgs to you!


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