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Hello Everyone,

Looking at a map of Afghanistan you can see Kabul city is tucked at the foothills of the Hindu Kush Mountain Range.  NKC (New Kabul Compound) is at 6,000′ elevation and is a small place, specifically speaking about half the size of the high school. The showers are the best and the cuisine is enjoyable.  In the basement of one of the office buildings we have a weight room several times bigger then BUHS’s.  Our living and work space is small.  I call my room the micro mini condo of Kabul.  I’m happy to report my “Micro Mini Condo”, no matter how small, far exceeds “The Shack”.   My roommate, Nancy, is from Canada.  Quebec to be exact, strangely enough she doesn’t like hockey, but not all is lost, she has a great personality and is a dedicated solider. Her  husband and two boys live in the city close to Chateao Frantenac, Citadelle de Quebec and lle d’Orleans (sp).  Nancy has many years in the Canadian military and is currently working with Afghan’s at the local Hospital/school.  She manages her Canadian colleagues who teaches basic principles of medical care to the Afghan’s.  Nancy leaves the compound often to travel to the hospital/school.  Any departure from here means wearing full battle rattle, heavy to wear, however, no complaints.  The hospital is four floors and was built years back by the Russian’s.  The facility is often full, from what  I understand,  their ailments wouldn’t necessarily warrant hospital admission in our country.  The Canadian medical team has 5 doctors, 2 dentist, doctor’s physician and nurses.  The hospital has four operating rooms, with that said the Doc’s contribute in the direction of training their counter parts.  They don’t do surgery, however, once an emergency occurred and the Doc’s stepped in to help.  I must say, a significant contribution by the Doctors to be in Kabul, understanding they too carry a weapon and full battle rattle.  The Canadian medical team principles are born of respect to the Afghan way, balanced with supportive partnership to improve health services and medical care to local population in the city.  Similarly to what the American’s try and accomplish with Afghan security.  Departing the gate is in fact plucky….Things are dangerous and events occur often, with that said we have great force protection, meaning the right people keeping us safe.

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  1. Sherryl Libardoni

    Hello Christie,
    Your emails have been very interesting. As you may have already been told, the final hockey game was hard fought right to the end. Brattleboro just came across a very hot goalie. The rink was filled – about 650 fans came in to support the team. I have never experienced that at any Brattleboro event. That game drew more fans than any football game. Your son played very well. He is a solid player.
    I have decided to retire and turned in my paperwork a few weeks ago. It was a long, hard decision but I think the right one. I still plan on remaining busy at the school in some capacity. Eric has asked me to help with the hockey teams paperwork and other jobs that Jackie Harris has been doing. Those are big shoes to fill.
    Hopefully you see this, give me a sign so I know I am not just writing into cyberspace.
    missing you here in Brattleboro – Sherryl LIb

    1. LTC Christie Turner Post author

      Hello there,
      You are not floating out in cyber space, specifically speaking you are a much needed connection for me here in Kabul!. Heartbreak about the hockey team…wish it were a different outcome. Retiring; doesn’t seem possible….Upon my return maybe you can take me under your wing and teach me the fine game of golf?
      Big wedding in the plans this spring, enjoy.
      Best Regards,
      LTC Turner

  2. Jackie Harris

    Hi Christie – glad to hear from you! Your new digs look like a huge improvement over the “shack” and you sound very happy with your Canadian roommate (as our countries border each other). I always look forward to hearing from you so please keep the posts coming. We are going to have our hockey banquet this coming Wednesday and you will be greatly missed. I will miss you especially since i will have no one to defer the “speech” to this year – lol.

    I wish you a safe stay and as always, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you have sacrificed for our country.

    Take care,


    1. LTC Christie Turner Post author

      From the beginning of my deployment you’ve been a big supporter, much appreciated! Hard to believe next winter, when I finally return home, I won’ t see you at the rink for the high school hockey games…or will I? Enjoy the banquet Wednesday night! I miss my family, hockey family included, give everyone a big hello for me.
      Best Regards,
      LTC Turner

  3. Amy Wall

    Hi Christie: Glad to read that the micro mini condo is better than the shack. Let us know if you need anything. Snow is predicted tonight – a foot or more possibly. And to think, I mulched flower beds with composted manure this weekend and was cleaning up ruts, etc. in the lawn. Whatever falls won’t last long, though.

    Take care, Amy

  4. Donna Turner

    Wow this is great, I had not gotten here yet! Your micro mini condo is tres chic and cozy; cozy is a good word. Good thing you like your roommate too in these close quarters. She lives in such a beautiful part of the world; have you been Christie? Now you will have a reason. We hope you get our package soon and I think you will like the pics we sent. It will be very hard seeing everyone this weekend without you. Wonderful but hard. Hardly wonderful. Wonderfully hard. Too much coffee. All is good here; another snowstorm but the good news is that I think they are getting this in Stowe! Maybe we can skype with you this weekend? Hoping all Turners will be there. The Turner Ski Team will not be the same without you. We plan to get in a good day on Friday. I will keep us off the Double Black Diamonds; Godfrey, we are getting too old for those! Love you Christie. How often do you leave the compound? Never? Great! xoxoxo

  5. Debbie Gassaway-Hayward

    Dear Christie,
    So great to hear from you and see photos. I have a conversation with you everyday as I walk past the urns at Landmark where I often would see you. There have been lots of reports about Kabul and region on NPR recently and I again am thinking of you. Glad your living quarters are a big step up from ‘The Shack’, and you could always convince your roommate that hockey is worth another look. Be well and I look forward to another post. Thank you for what you are doing, Debbie

  6. Scott Turner


    Is that wall to wall carpet in yoru micro mini condo? Got me for a moment but after furhter scrutny it looks like a throw rug. Looks like you reverted back to Bridgewater State’s dorms. Guessing your roommate has the bottom bunk and you have the top bunk judging by the lack of pictures which Donna has coordinated and we mailed with the filter material this past Saturday! Glad to see you are getting into your rythym and settling in after that unchartered unesorted hectic 8 day path to Kabul. Sounds like a little unbalanced toward work right now for you but that is probably a good thing.
    We will definitely miss you on the Turner Ski Weekend but we all looking forward to our time together. We plan on picking up the G-Man at White RIver Junction so we can commute north from there on Thursday evening. We’ll figure out how to skype while in VT or a call at the very least. Continue to make smart decisions and be safe.


  7. Cheryl Turner

    It is nice to get a visual of your mini condo & your surroundings. I am delighted to hear you are connecting very well with your roomate:) after your extremely difficult journey to Kabul it’s great to hear you are can we say in a better place! It was wonderful to hear your voice while we were in Vermont for the boys hockey game, you sound so much better. We were so glad to be a part of that game even with the tough loss. The arena was jam packed!! I don’t think they could of fit one more person in there!! It was a very emotional game:( in the end it when everyone was waiting for the team to come out was very emotional. All the support from the community was felt in that one small room. Each player to come out from the locker room received applause & hugs. You could see this was a tough loss for not only the players, but fellow classmates & parents! We were so glad to be a part of that.
    As you know the Turner ski weekend is coming up & I must say there will be a huge hole with you missing. It will be great to all be together & do some awesome skiing! I hope we can connect with you while we are all in Stow.
    I have sent another package out on Monday. Your coffee is in it along with the Vermont paper which has a great article on the hockey team. Let me know if there is any other flavors we can send you.
    Christie you are in my thoughts everday. I really miss our early morning hot tub chats! I am so proud of you & can’t thank you enough for all that you do for our country.. Stay safe.
    All my love & positive thoughts

  8. Alice

    I notice in the photo of the micro mini condo that you have a 3-drawer “drawer tower” for your belongings. I’ll have you know that if you were to go to Olivia’s gymnastics camp, you’d be allowed a 4-drawer one. So next time you sign up for a camp, try gymnastics! Also, they let you choose the top bunk there, if you wish. It doesn’t matter what level you compete at! There’s also a mall visit on the weekend. Just saying.

  9. Johanna

    Hey, Christie,
    sorry it has been so long since I wrote…arg. Very busy period here. Addie’s play opens WEds, I have been painting signs, organized the talent show last weekend, we are hiring people at school for the art teacher position…and I am organizing a French day in Bratt..all this to say I don’t get much time to think about writing.
    I loved reading about your life, it sounds not too bad…I hope that is true.
    Your pal Nancy sounds great…I will be going to her fair city in a month and have been planning to visit the Chutes Montmorency, and the Ile d’Orleans, and all of her area. I love that city…
    Called Godfrey last night, he had fallen asleep on the couch…sound familiar?
    Hope to get him and the boys up to see the play….
    Well my dear, big hug and take care of your self!


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