March 1st

Please excuse misspelled words and the rough grammar it’s a timed event before relinquishing the computer to someone else. I type so fast and don’t bother re-reading anything, put tired into the formula and sometimes it doesn’t read well. Miss not playing hockey and watching the high school team, was so very happy to see you and others on my short stay in Brattleboro. I went over to housing office last night and mentioned my concerns being the only one housed in my area and how miserably cold it’s in my shack. There is a documentary out call Invisible War, asked if they saw the movie …it is changing military policy for the protection of women in uniform. I’m happy to report they put flood lights around my block of shacks and came and fixed the heat. They check in a couple of soldiers a few buildings down. Progress, thank god. The post is host to many people beside US army, navy air forces, marines forces, we have Egypt, France, Pakistan Tajikistan, Afghanistan, contractors up the gauzzue, (multi coalition contractors at that) and DOD (this is open source).

Went hiking with my gear this morning to the rotary terminal to catch a heli ride, guess what they said, (exactly what they’ve been saying)…sorry ma’am, no flights today had to take cargo instead, come back tonight. Roger that. Keep you posted about leaving this place. The showers are great here, lots of pressure and plenty hot. Maybe I’ll go get my hair done while a wait for my airlift….

Hiked on up to the terminal at 5 this morning, “sorry ma’am no flights this morning moving cargo come back tonight”…well I did get my haircut. What was I thinking, better yet what choice did I have, I’m on a military post and I got a short haircut.

Things are looking up, a women (lawyer working at camp edgger) has checked into one of the six rooms in “the shack”. She is going home for R&R (rest and relaxation) to San Fransisco after being in theater 8 months and three more to go. It’s manatory to take two weeks R&R in a combat zone. Whatta think Godrey, meet you and the boys in Australia for some R&R? I found a coffee shop, Arabic coffee, at a place called Mr. Bean. I’m lovin the coffee, just one of the things I’ll miss in this charming place. Tomorrow I look forward to my helicopter ride to Kabul. Keep in mind it’s a quick ride, should tell you something. To celebrate confirmation of a flight I will bring two sergeants at the terminal a cup. I noticed them today at 5 in the morning and again 6:30 tonight, with that said I found out they work seven days a week sometimes 10-12 hour days. Remember I’m 9 1/2 hours ahead and will have

Friday and Sunday mornings off, Friday is the local’s religious prayer and Sunday ours.

I would like pictures if you got them, something to hang on the walls. Remind me of home if you will.

Computer cafe is closing down for cleaning being 1 in the morning here.

Look forward to the update from all and the up coming high school hockey games next week.

Good night to all
LTC Turner

My Address:
LTC Christie Turner
Attn: ASE-A
APO, AE 09356

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