Happy Father’s Day

To my husband,
The super Dad who has done a TRAFFIC job caring for our boys in my absence.  Happy Fathers Day!
Your soulmate,

Cooper's Lacrosse game against Woodstock.  Photo by Jen Curtis.

Cooper’s Lacrosse game against Woodstock. Photo by Jen Curtis.

Logan at his Prom with Maddie

Logan at his Prom with Maddie

4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Donna Turner

    I second that emotion! Godfrey is the man. Happy Father’s Day!! Christie, I know it’s hard to miss these special times. Will make them all the sweeter when you return with your new life perspective. xo

  2. Jackie Harris

    Christie – you are so very blessed to have such a loving and understanding husband! There are not many men that would be able to shoulder not only their work load, but their wife’s as well.

    Happy Father’s Day to Godfrey!

  3. Cheryl Turner

    I am right there with you Christie. Your soulmate has done an increditable job with family & the business. Especially with his partner that he has been walkin side by side with the last 28 years on your journey of life is now serving her country. I am so proud of both of you & the support you still manage to give each other. You are both deep in my thoughts & heavy in my heart. Thank you for all you do Christie.
    Happy fathers day Godfrey 🙂
    Love you both


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