Graduate of Class 2013

How many parents and relatives were choked up with pride at watching a child you know and adore, collect their diploma on stage at the high school graduation ceremony? I’ll admit, I cried looking at pictures of my niece’s graduation from photos my husband recently sent. What a burst of pride I felt for her far away here in Afghanistan! I can imagine the deep pleasure parents and relatives felt for your Graduate’s, with diploma in hand, as you tried not to cry! Be honest….


Congratulation to my 2013 Graduate, we are very proud of all you accomplish through your four years at BUHS.

Rachel we are very proud of you!

Rachel we are very proud of you!

5 thoughts on “Graduate of Class 2013

  1. Cheryl Turner

    I was brought to tears & felt such pride for Greg as we watched his youngest of 4 graduate last week. I felt all those emtions again when I saw that rachel graduated! I am so proud of Rachel & Corbin congratulations to you both on a huge accomplishment!

  2. Renee

    Heck, I am getting weepy that Evelyn is finishing first grade! Can’t imagine when she finished high school!


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