Friends and Family Trilogy

Friends and Family Trilogy:
I dedicate this entry to elements of my visit home, something I’ve described to myself as, Family and Friends R&R Trilogy. Three incredible events with profound affects welcomed me back home from Afghanistan during my short visit on American soil. I united with people loved, missed and needed to connect as criteria to carry me through the second half of my deployment. The trilogy went as follows; Greetings at Boston airport, Open house with friends in Vermont and a Turner family gathering at our summer home in Maine. These events I cherish in tribute to wonderful times spent with each of you. The flowers, food, wine, cakes and company at the open house were extraordinary. I gained much from the hugs and generosity bestowed upon me. The dinner shared at Fireworks Restaurant with those missed at the open house was equally as nice. At the restaurant I was serenade by some very nice new friends. Those memories I hold dear and have helped energize a more tolerable outlook to the second half of this exceeding long deployment. It takes my breath away when I think of love showered upon me in Maine by my family. The Turner family has grown into so much more than five young siblings living together in a household. You’ve got admit, Mom would be proud! Our family is my life’s most basic shared loyalties, importance for unconditional love and establishing most of who I am today. The seventy lobsters, multiple visits to Hout’s and days hanging at the beach made it surreal and all the more wonderful. It was nice to see the Hollis Turner’s, Shelby’s, Gore’s . I say with complete trepidation, will I be able to reciprocate the same extent of support people have showered upon me? But to each, I adorn profound appreciation for support and being there when I most needed you. Thanks to Cheryl and friends who helped at the open house. To all those who were able to visit me during my 15 days home on R&R, thank you. I had the most incredible welcome home from family and friends and look forward to seeing everyone upon my return in January when I return home for good!

4 thoughts on “Friends and Family Trilogy

  1. Dede Cummings

    Dear Christie, So great to reD your kind words, and sorry I was away (writers conference!) when you were home. It looks like it was a wonderful trip! xo

  2. Lorie

    It was wonderful seeing you and your amazing friends and family and being included in your joyful and loving welcome home. I still smile thinking about the red Turner-Renaud truck passing me on the highway on my way back to Maine from Amherst! What are the odds? Very happy the days are winding down on your time overseas. Sending love, Lorie and the gang. xxo

  3. Donna Turner

    Loved seeing these pictures from your Open House. The Turner Weekend was incredible. We really should try getting together in the summer again one of these days! Can’t tell you how much I love my Turner siblings. Stay strong it wont be long, Christie. All my Love, Donna

  4. Susan Buhlmann

    Christine!!! Greetings, how remiss I have been to write but not in thoughts, you have been on my mind much! Awaiting your return to design our gardens. Sending you big hugs. All is well here, nothing big to report. Just know you are in our thoughts. Love and hugs Susan and Willy too!


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