Family, Friends and EUCOM

It goes without saying how much I miss my husband, Godfrey. The 5 months away from my children(Rachel too) has not been easy. The times spent away from my brothers and sisters at ski weekend and opening the cottage was an outer body experience, none of these I prefer to repeat.

World apart being in Kabul

World apart being in Kabul

The CENTCOM area of operation in SWA is a stark difference then what I’ve grown to appreciate about EUCOM. The above picture is life as we know it in CENTCOM and below is EUCOM.  I miss the “together strong” of EUCOM. The picture of us in Austria brings back memories of long 12 hours working days/nights, but always given a couple days to see the sights and raise a glass. Here I work seven days and don’t have much time off except a few hours in the morning on Friday. This makes it difficult to respond back to people on an individual bases, however, I read them all. Thanks for your posts from, husband and brothers and sisters, friends, BUHS staff, Libardoni’s, EUCOM, T&R staff, Cor @ BCTV, house call for planting flowers, flip videos from Newfane, Dummerston School and HS, Women’s hockey team multiple care packages. It keeps me going and takes some of the edge off being away from my family and far from the shores of home.  I miss you all And can’t thank you enough for letters, care packages, videos, music and emails.  Please stop by and visit me August 3rd 4-9pm potluck at our house during my one week home (second week will be with family in Maine and RI). It would be my honor to have you all there and thank you in person for your help to my family or support to a soldier stationed one year in Kabul Afghanistan. I need this day with you to carry me through the next half of my deployment!

My EUCOM buddies touring Austria famous Salzburg....Sound of Music!

My EUCOM buddies touring Austria famous Salzburg….Sound of Music!

A circle of strength

A circle of strength

2 thoughts on “Family, Friends and EUCOM

  1. Jackie Harris

    Hi Christie and good to hear from you!

    The first hand accounts of how hard it is over there really hit home when I see pictures and read how long and difficult your days are. My heart and gratitude go out to you and all our fellow soldiers and contractors that are fighting for freedom throughout this world. Thank you once again for all that you sacrifice on a daily basis.

    I am sorry that I will not be able to attend your get together as my sister is getting married that day and I will be attending the wedding. I say this with much regret as I would love to see you again and know that it will be another 6 months until that can happen. I know that you will be surrounded by many friends and much love so drink it in while you can and hopefully you can bring a little back when you leave to help sustain you until you return.

    Take care and stay safe!


  2. Debbie Gassaway-Hayward

    Dear Christie, Its great to hear your updates. I am now in Ghana, West Africa where I’ll be for another 5 weeks, so Peter is putting your August 3rd get together on his calendar. Bummed I won’t be home to see you. I’m one of two group leaders doing a study abroad trip here in Ghana. Peter and Peter-Owen are here with me now and will stay another week before returning home. Always in our thoughts, Debbie


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