Boston Airport

A life time of love is a gift

A life time of love is a gift

Cooper and Logan were so good to me during my short visit home.

Cooper and Logan were so good to me during my short visit home.

Limousine ride holding my new URI shirt

Limousine ride holding my new URI shirt from Rachel 







Where do I start, realizing I had the most wonderful reunion with friends and family during my fifteen days  away from Afghanistan?  It began with an emotional welcome at the airport and me sobbing in the arms of my husband.  The vision of Logan, Cooper and Rachel stole my heart along with a loyal friend of Logan’s, Miss Maddie.  I treasured hugging Scott and Donna who saved me during my deployment by means of offering solid footing when I most needed it.  I know too, Scott and Donna represented the rest of the Turner family who desperately wanted to be there, but were faulted by my arrival a day early.  That being said, I got a hero’s welcome from the rest of the Turner’s with a limousine ride from the airport home and a lobster frenzies at our summer home in Maine.  A warm thank you to Debbie, Lorie and Claudia who brought it home for me, waving flags and representing a lifelong friendship between our mothers’.  Not to make anyone feel old, but we’re going on a third generation of friendship linking the two families.


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  1. Donna Turner

    This brings that airport reunion right back and I am sitting at my desk with tears running. It was a gift to see the reunion of you and Godfrey and the rest of your tightly bonded family. You helped me to understand even more how precious what we have and take for granted every day is. Being in Maine all together on the beach in the summer was the best. Love your posts; keep em coming.

  2. Lorie Faubert

    Reading your message brought it all back to me as well. We felt very blessed to be included in such a precious reunion with your wonderful family. I took my camera to Best Buy yesterday and purchased a cable to download the pictures. Hope to figure all of that out after Labor Day and will send copies to Godfrey. A very ecstatic Claudia just obtained her driver’s license. We are heading back up to Maine for a very quick Labor Day trip tomorrow morning, returning on Monday. Still can’t get over seeing you guys en route to the airport!!! I had just finished visiting a high school friend at Atkins Fruit Bowl and was on my way back to Maine. We love you very much. Stay safe. Lorie and the gang. xxo

  3. Sherryl Libardoni

    Hi Chrisite,
    It was great visiting with you during your visit home. I am sorry that I didn’t see you at the track to walk on your last day. My son Alex, was presenting his work for his PhD in meteorology at Penn State. We watched it via skype and although I did not understand a word he said during his 42 minute presentation I was very proud of him and impressed in his work. I started a new part time job, I am working at the golf course – mowing tees and then I get to learn how to do the greens. It’s very peaceful out there at 6 am. I look forward to reading more from you and I will stay in touch.

    Thinking of you and wishing you well,

    Sherryl Lib

  4. Cheryl

    I was so delighted when you choose the East Coast for your short leave. Everytime I see that picture of you & Godfrey @ the airport it brings tears & unbelievable emotions.
    Seeing you @ your open house in Vermont
    Surrounded by such love & support from your family & friends was emotional as well. I see that Godfrey, Logan & Copper have amazing support surrounding them in your community.
    Having you in Maine was the best of all…you looked so at peace & relaxed!
    We ate SO much! Being @ the cottage just hanging on the beach with the family
    & recharging our sister was amazing. We all saw you through the first 6 months & we will all see you through the next 6 mos.
    you have taught us so much in the last six months on how lucky & blessed we truly are. Think of you everyday. Stay safe.



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