Bonfire Bonfires in Kabul is not the same as I remember back whilst a youngster attending YMCA summer camps. The air quality is poor in the city Kabul, and bonfires here are not about sitting around singing campfire songs. Things are difficult for the population, its real survival here and the people need to keep warm. Their houses have no actual windows and are cold and drafty. Being at this elevation, unfortunately, there are no trees to harvest for cordwood. They burn anything and I mean anything, specifically speaking, tires, cardboard, plastic, and human waste. There are no dumps or incinerators to make trash disappear. They burn wherever is convenient. But before burning they separate whatever can be use to keep warm. Where’s Smoky Bear when you need him! Probably similar to what some of you have experienced in China. Some days we can’t breathe outside and smells pretty bad. This explains why my walls in my Micro Mini Kabul Condo are black, and I’ve washed twice since being here. We have half day off for Easter and I plan to put it to good use. I will tape a special filter over my air vent in my room (thanks Scott and Donna for sending this). I’m told when the weather turns warmer things will get better.

Take Care


3 thoughts on “Bonfire

  1. Linda Griffin

    Hey you… Just catching up on all your blog. Interesting reading. Take care and thinking of you. Linda

  2. Michaela Harlow

    It must be very, very cold there. I can’t imagine choking and suffocating in order to keep warm, but I can understand the need. I’m glad to hear that Scott & Donna sent you an air filter to protect your lungs. I sure hope the air quality clears up soon! xo


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