A Day in the Big Apple

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As you have read the Commander in Chief has asked the Army to move a large part of forces out of Afghanistan. We’re like ants in and around an ant hill. We wake each day only to work hard with very long hours moving our soldier’s home to their families, while simultaneously closing bases. I work doing Force Management for ARCENT (Army Central/Third Army; “Patton’s Own”), as an action officer to resource and equip forces in Afghanistan. I interface with other commands in the CJOA-A (Combined/Joint Operation Area-Afghanistan) to include ISAF (International Security Assistance Forces) and USAFOR-A. To include commands outside the CJOA-A, for example; FORSCOM, HQDA and ARCENT MCP/OCP. Lots of VTC’s. Brooks owns us and came to pay a visit. This is a high velocity retrograde with terrain similar to being on the moon when it comes to logistics.
Best Regards,
LTC Turner

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Big Apple

  1. Donna Turner

    Hey Christie, Just this morning I said I needed to email you and we had not seen any new posts and voila! Sounds like you are very very busy! Hopefully that makes the time go by. We are still here in Costa Rica in Uvita where the rainy season has come early. Mucho agua. But still loving it in this most peaceful of places surrounded by nature. It is good to bring it down a notch or 2 or 3 and I hope you make it here someday. We leave for home on Tuesday. Miss and love you; please be safe and sound. xo Donna

  2. Lizbo

    Hi Christie,
    I’m glad that what you just posted means that troops are coming home, because reading all those acranyms (sp) was all gibrish to me!! I love reading your posts, especially knowing you are safe. I am up for re-election next month and have competition, so I am kicking it into Campaign Mode in addition to having to hold 3 elections in 3 months, because of Kerry’s vacant Senate seat. Tons of Fun!!! I miss you, and love you….Stay Safe!

  3. Cheryl Turner

    It is so nice to hear from you. Tells me you are well & going strong as ever! It is nice to learn what you are up to! I think of you everyday:) stay safe. I am so proud of you. Thank you for all you do!
    All my love

  4. Mark Long

    Christie! It is wonderful to read your words and to catch glimpses of your life in Afghanistan. A beautiful and complicated place. Your blog is a gift to all of us who are thinking about you. We kept a blog during our extended stay in India and I know how difficult it is to express what it is like to be where one is. I can only imagine how challenging it is to represent your experiences in the large-scale project of which you are a part. Your notes are a reminder, to me, of how real the world is, how connected we all are.

    Some thrilling hockey news. The U-16 Vermont Shamrocks (and Laura Rollins) won the Tier II Girls National Championships in San Jose, California. And Ryan Little’s Shattuck U-16 team won the Tier I Nationals. Go Brattleboro! You’ll be happy to know that Ellinore will continue playing hockey next year, at Northfield! We are excited for her. Nathaniel is also transferring from KHS to Northfield, so he too will be skating on a new sheet of ice.

    Be well. Do good work. Keep your stick on the ice. Most of all, know we are thinking of you. I’m looking forward to resuming where we left off one Tuesday night in the fall: a tape-to-tape pass on a breakout, watching you cross the blue line and then bury a puck in the back of the net.

    Love and best wishes,

    Mark, Rebecca, Nathaniel and Ellinore


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